Unit 1: Identity (Proud to be an American)

Intro to Unit 1


Intro to Government


Unit 2: Change & Continuity (Legos of America)

Intro to Unit 2

Enlightenment Thinkers: Early Foundations of American Government

"Join or Die" Political Cartoon Analysis

The Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence - "Too Late to Apologize A Declaration"

Reasons for the American Revolution - A Cartoon Review (School House Rock "No More King")

The Articles of Confederation

Intro to the U.S. Constitution

BOR Introduction - Bill of Rights Rap


Unit 3: Balance (We the People)

U.S. Constitution Principles & Preamble

School House Rock - The Preamble

The Articles of the U.S. Constitution

Constitutional Amendments


Comparing U.S. Constitution to N.C. Constitution


Additional Review

Unit 4: Power (Three Ring Circus)

Intro to Unit 4

School House Rock - Three Ring Circus (3 Branches of Government)

Local Government

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Cases


Unit 5: Ideology (Ante Up)

Intro to Unit 5

School House Rock - The Electoral College

Political Parties / Ideologies

Election Process


Unit 6: Rule of Law (Law and Order)

Mock Trial Project

How a Bill Becomes Law - A Cartoon Review (School House Rock "I'm Just a Bill")

Unit 7: Scarcity (Decisions, Decisions)

Unit 8: Interdependence (Money Makes the World go 'Round)

Unit 9: Resources (Who Wants to be a Millionaire)